Unlock your child's potential

Physical, speech, and occupational therapy services for children with developmental, behavioral, and sensory delays

Eliminate the frustration.

We all want our children to live their best life. But when developmental delays cause issues with speech, daily activities, or physical movement, it can be overwhelming.

Let us help you.

  • Have confidence in their development
  • Experience joy as their vocabulary grows
  • Watch them grow in independence
  • Minimize the stress on you and your family

As parents, we dream of hearing our child say, “I love you,” or playing catch with them in the backyard. 

But when developmental delays present, we fear those dreams may never become real.

At Quest we believe every single child and parent deserves the opportunity, education, and resources to improve their life, increase independence, and experience the loving support of therapists who care.

We know you want the best for your child. 

So do we. 

Together, we can help your child live life to the fullest.

Get the help you deserve.

1. Get a referral

Tell your Physician you want to come to Quest

2. Create a plan

We’ll create a personalized plan to help your child

3. Unlock their potential

See your child maximize their independence


Our Services

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Together, we can change your child’s life

Best Practice Tools

We use innovative techniques to help improve outcomes

Compassionate Staff

We’re genuinely excited to see every single child that walks through the door

Incredible Results

We’ve helped hundreds of kids maximize their potential